Amazon Great Indian Festival vs Flipkart BigBillionDays

As now both sales are live Amazon Great Indian Festival sale started from 17th October 2020 while Flipkart Big Billion Days started from 16th October 2020. As well as they offering early access to their prime & plus members. Both offering great deals and offers on many products such as mobile phones, TVs, laptops many more. 

                                         As there are lots of deals and offers which often lead to confusion. People get confused about which product they should buy as well as from where they should buy it. Here we will help everyone in making their decision easy meanwhile saving their money also.

Therefore if you want to save your time and money then go through our articles. We have organised a simple guide by following that you will find the best deals during this week of Great Indian Festival and BBD 2020 sale.


Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale

Amazon has made a collaboration with banks and other financial organisations. So that they can provide additional discounts to their customers.  For example, HDFC is offering a 10% discount on purchases through its debit and credit cards. HDFC is also offering no-cost EMI on purchases with credit cards.

This option (no-cost EMI) is also available for those who have Bajaj Finsery EMI card or Amazon’s Pay Later features. Though Amazon Pay Later option is also offering EMI options for those who are short on cash. Also, Zest Money is offering these services.

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Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale

Flipkart has tied up with Indian’s one of the most popular Bank i.e State Bank of India (SBI). They are offering a 10% discount to there customer for shopping during this Big Billion Day sale. Also, Axis Bank credit cardholders will get a 5% cashback every time they make any purchase. Similarly, Paytm users will get an assured cash back when they buy anything using UPI or wallet.

Flipkart also offering a ‘no-cost’ EMI option. Flipkart has tied up with SBI, ICICI Bank, HDFC and Bajaj Finserv.

For those who don’t have credit cards, there is an alternative of Debit EMI card, which is being offered by HDFC, Axis Bank, Federal Bank, ICICI Bank, Zest Money etc.

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Steps That Help Saving Money During Sales

There is a simple thought that comes in everyone mind before buying any product. That why not explore more option in that particular field/ranger of product. So here as we are talking about Amazon and Flipkart both of them have many offers and deals on their platform. So let me explain with an example suppose we want to buy an iPhone then we will explore BBD sale and Great Indian Festival sale. Compare all offer with the bundle discount offered by banks. If you have any other mobile you want to exchange then use that option also. Eventually, after all this, you can save a great amount of money.

  After this everyone should have got a little about how to compare i.e not only about the deal prices. we should consider all bundle offers. Like exchange offers, cashback offers, additional discounts offered by other online payment platforms, brand-specific exchange incentives, no-cost EMI offers.  By doing this simple thinks you can save a good amount of money on a single deal.

As every day things are upgrading similarly e-commerce platform. Now they using a different type of strategies for good sales especially during these festival season sales. One of the new methods they adopted is Pre-booking of a particular product. During these Pre-order Sale, they are offering huge discounts even some times great than normal sales. Also, they are only charging very less amount for pre-order. You can save a good amount from this method. 

If you are seriously want to save money then keep yourself updated at least about festival session sales like Flipkart BBD 2020 & Amazon Festival sale. It will also help you in planning what to buy When to buy, as well as how to buy.

As during big sales there is a lot of deal that have only limited stock of their products. So, in that case, you need to be early as soon as possible as everyone is trying to get those deals. So to get those ‘Crazy’ deals & offers make sure you arrive early.

 And early means if sales are going to be live at noon you should try to be there at least five minutes before and signed in to your account. Open your product page a few minutes before and keep refreshing it when it comes within the range of fewer than 30 seconds.

Planning in advance is always good for any task so same case here. If you are looking to save money & Prevent yourself from buying stuff you don’t need then these sales are is an opportunity for you. Be ready with a list of products you want to buy and really need them as per your choice, budget. Don’t forget to add them in your wish-list or cart beforehand. This will helps you in keeping track of all the products and in faster checkout. Also now platform like Amazon, Flipkart also allows you subscribe for notifications alert for those products.

Apart from all offers and discounts offered by Amazon & Flipkart they also offer many flash sales. But keep that in your mind these flash sales are only for a limited period of an interval as well as very limited stock. Because of that, it is very difficult for anyone to grab them on time. But here is a tip that looks the sale teaser carefully there is a small banner there and details about the timing. So arrive little early before the sales also are careful. why? Because you may end up destroying your budget for these type of sales for these flash sales.

Sometimes what happens is that there are many deals which seems too good to be true. A word of advise that it’s better to stay away from such deals. Don’t forget to check the sellers rating and customer reviews before buying from those deals. While both Flipkart & Amazon have their own model for catching such shady sellers but being careful always better in long run.

Nowadays, every platform is offering a larger amount of bundled offers. Basically, this type of offers is payments offers and exchange discounts that will eventually help in reducing the overall cost of the products you are buying. Also there one more option of no-cost EMI payment which is perfect for more costly products or if you are short on cash. Currently, Flipkart offering 10% instant discount during Big Billion Days while Amazon is offering a 10% instant discount for HDFC Bank cardholders.

During these Big festival season sales having Amazon prime or Flipkart Plus membership helps you very much as it has there own benefits. As amazon gives you 24hrs earlier access to the sale while Flipkart allows 12hrs early access to there plus membership accounts. 

Nowadays, Many mobile & Broadband companies offering complimentary access to Amazon Prime subscriptions. So it won’t cost you much for the subscriptions. Similarly for Flipkart Plus, If you are an active customer you can easily eligible for there Plus membership.

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